Bio: I have spent the last 5 years letting go of who I always thought I would be. This blog is my way of working through the loss and the freedom, the regrets and the redemption. That's where I got the name Hope Against Hope...Hope is my middle name, and I struggle with myself more than anyone or anything else. Past against present. Present against future. Fear against courage. Sadness against joy. Judgment against grace. Order against chaos. Hope against Hope. As far as the basics, I am a mom to 2 teenaged boys. My sons are wonderful and infuriating at the same time. (That's okay, they say the same thing about me.) Their dad and I have been divorced for several years, and we have an awkward but basically cordial relationship. In 2014 I married the love of my life, the man I call Hercules. He is good to my boys and treats me like a queen. I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have him. I am a Christian, and I try to live like one, with varying degrees of success on any given day. Up until a few years ago, I was very sure of what I believed. But lately, I'm coming to realize (or admit) that I'm actually not all that sure. I really know very little about the complex, mystical and beautiful collection of writings we know as the Bible. But I want to know. I want to understand and let that understanding guide my life. I suppose I'm having what some would call a crisis of faith. Some days it actually feels like a crisis; other days it feels more like an adventure. I hope you'll bear with me, and maybe we can help each other learn a little on this journey.

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